O2 Films

Cinéma Vérité

O2films experiments with contracting styles of cinéma vérité and escapism to develop tension, stylized rhythm, and inertia. We are amongst a few Steadicam operators on earth that can maintain contact with elite endurance-athletes at speed. Thus, placing the camera in the same hands as those personally engaged in the experience. The in-action tracking cinematography makes clear the distinction between involvement and commitment for the filmmaking.

4K Experience

Many will watch a film on the web or in thier home-theatre living room at 1080p resolution. Experiencing that same film in 4k Ultra High Definition fidelity is as though you’re looking through a window into a magical world — more real than your own.


Our most recent feature film Oxygen was shot in high-speed (120-240fps) ultra high-definition format. The movie integrates High Dynamic Range Imagery (HDRI), macro time-lapse photography, astrophotography, and sophisticated motion-control stabilization systems (eg., Movi Freefly Systems) to capture seventy-seven elite athletes, in four seasons over two years.