TAO OF SKIING Instructional Material for the Beginner to Expert,
1997, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM (updated 2007)

Note: This material is included in all xczone.tv instructional DVDs

Tao of Skiing provides a comprehensive insight into the technical aspects of modern cross-country skiing, where the secrets are in the basics and the way (Tao) is in the correct preparation and execution of the details. The information is an expos? of key information from the world of elite xc skiing which is designed to fast track the development of specific skills and fitness. Beginners and Experts will benefit from the richness of ski tips, generous use of photos and intelligent explanations. An excellent tool for coaches and instructors. The definitive multimedia reference on XC skiing (300 pages) found with the extra features on the DVD-ROM or sold separately on CD-ROM. "I've never seen anything like Tao of Skiing. It covers every imaginable topic for skiers of all abilities and does so in a fun, entertaining way. I recommend it highly." - Lynne Bermel, Third Ranked in the World for Ironman Distance, Triathlon
"The first leading-edge multimedia product ever produced for skiing !" climbing with offsetlearn classic skiing

"Has Cross-Country Skiing Found
its Warren Miller?"

- Winter Sport Business Magazine

"A x-c extrordinaire!"
- Cross Country Canada

"Very impressed.
A masterful job in capturing the feeling,
rhythm,and adrenaline rush
of cross country skiing...
a really eXCellent package."
- John Nabors, New York State Ski Racing Association, Nordic Division