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The Ottawa weather office is at the airport is in a different city more than 50km away from the ski centre and much lower elevation. The temperature is 4 degrees colder in Chelsea and we are skiing on a mountain. Just because it is raining in Ottawa means nothing. The weather forecast for ottawa-gatineau does not apply for Chelsea or to top of the Gatineau Hills.

There will ALWAYS be practices regardless of weather! -30c snowstorms, wind, ice storms, +30 etc, solar eclipses, earthquakes, solar mass ejections, bugs, Xmas, winter solstice, thunder, lightening, sand storms, darkness, sunshine, rain, hurricanes, local tornados, or chemical biological radiological nuclear weapons of mass destruction threats of terrorism ... especially in cases of alien invasions, a zombie apocalyse, and mass extinction events.


XCOttawa posts trail conditions

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