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For advanced nordic skiing, we filmed the Fastest skiers on Earth racing on the 2010 Olympic course in full High Definition, Cameras were positioned specifically for observing technique, capturing unique and original footage, that clearly shows what distinguished champions from their competition. A detailed technical analysis is provided by former Olympian athletes, World cup gold medalists and coaches synthesized into professional narrative script, that is pragmatic, succinct and empowering.

Advanced Nordic Skiing is meant to follow our core best-selling video the Nordic Skiing Technique by XCZONE.TV and takes you well beyond the official nordic skiing manual.

The Nordic Skier-Cross movement (NORDIX) is a Fusion of the power and endurance in cross-country skiing, superb all-mountain skills, head-to-head sprinting action and a BMX derby like course; sporting jumps, pipe, climbs, and high speed descents with hair pin turns.

"Putting the X back into cross-country"

It is just not enough to be the most highly conditioned athletes on the planet, but you'll need to be tough, skilled and lucky as well.