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nordic skiing training
secrets for high-performance sport TALENT
Intermediate to Advanced,
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Ed McNeely, Exercise Physiologist and leader the strength and conditioning industry • Dr. Penny Werthner Olympic track athlete. Professor at the School of Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa, and is an active Mental Training Expert. • Thomas Alsgaard, 5 Olympic Gold Medals, 10 world cup medals one of the most greatest cross-county skiers of all time. • Axel Merckx, T-Mobile Tour de France, Olympic Silver Medalist Cycling   • Sue Holloway silver and bronze Olympic medals (Kayak and Cross-Country Skiing) • Rob Marland Olympic Gold Medalist Rowing • Beckie Scott Olympic Gold Medalist Cross-Country Skiing • Justin Wadsworth Olympian Top Ten World Cup Cross-Country Skiing • Ole Einar Bjoerndalen the most successful Biathlete of all time 5 Gold Olympic medals, 3 silver, a bronze and 16 World Championship medals. • Hakkon Nordbeck, Sweden, WC Medalist • Dr. Sven Pinkert German National Slalom Kayak Champion, High Performance Director Canoe Kayak Canada • Roger Archambault Biathlon High Performance Director, Manager of Olympic Preparation, Canadian Olympic Committee • Pierre Lafontaine CEO of Swimming Canada, • Marcia Birkigt 2nd cdn birkebeiner, 1st keskinada loppet • Cyrus kangarloo 3rd keskinada loppet • Nikki kassel 1st university skier Canada 2nd keskinada loppet • Phil villeneuve national Cross-Country Skiing team and national mountain running team, 2nd keskinada, 2nd USA national sprint • Megan mctavish 2nd cdn roller skiing champs • Sheila kealey 1st cdn roller ski champs, Keskinada champion, Cdn national long course Cross-Country Skiing champion elite triathlete • Karl Saidla, Keskinada champion, Silver Canadian winter games • Lise Meloche, Exercise Physiologist, Educator. National Biathlon and Cross-Country Teams, Junior national Kayak Champion, 200 World Cup races, 21 Top 10 Finishes, 9 National Championship Titles, 7 World Cups Medals, 3 World Cup Gold Medals, 3rd Overall World Cup rank, 2 Olympics • David McMahon National Biathlon Champion, Bronze Medalist at the World Summer Biathlon Championships • Lynne Bermel Professional Triathlete, World Military Running Team, Ranked 3rd overall in the World for Ironman Distance Triathlons • Dr. Christain Otto Junior National Biathlon Team, Mountaineering and skiing expeditions, Expert in remote medicine in extreme environments • Phil Marsh Area Manger of Running Room • John Westdal Pro Triathlete • Ray Zahab One of World’s Greatest ultra-runners, Completed the first non-stop 7500 km run across the Sahara  • Richard Weber National Ski Team, Skiing Hall of Fame, Completed the first return ski to the North Pole   • Gudrun Phleuger 3x Overall World Loppet Cross Country Skiing Champion, 5x World Mountain Running Champion • Bill Hurley World Masters Mountain Bike Champion • Dominique Larocque National Mountain Bike Champion and In-Line Skating Champion • Chris Blanchard National Cross-Country Ski Team • Jill Perry National Boxing Champion • Ian Murray National Sprint Medalist Cross-Country Skiing • Byran Czop Stunt performer, Nordix