nordic ski project

The mission of the Nordic Skiing Project was to arbitrate an unified approach to Nordic Skiing Technique by bringing together recognized experts in the field, generating discussion, consolidating ideas and arriving at a consensus for a an clear approach to instruction/coaching.

The project successfully consolidated current understanding of Nordic Ski technique, training and teaching methods by engaging key principals in discussions and in the production process to the greatest extent that is practical.

The first DVD product to be released and certified was Unlimited Nordic Skiing. The DVD was provided to all clubs with a covering letter:

"Cross-Country Canada enthusiastically endorses XCZONE.TV as a key resource for beginning and experienced skiers or coaches looking for clear, correct and easily-understood guidance for improving their skiing technique. As the National Ski Team coaches collaborated on the technical narrative, we can confirm that the theory and practice ... are carefully aligned with current and evolving doctrine." - Bruce Jefferies, Executive Director of Cross Country Canada

The technical content was integrated into the subsequent products Nordic Skiing Technique and Nordic Ski Training.

The National Coaching Certification Program, the Canadian Association of Nordic Skiing Instructors and professional nordic skier certification are now fully integrated.

Work Breakdown Structure of Project

These titles are also available as part of the Coaches Toolkit.

Cross Country Canada contracted with xczone.tv to re-write the technical and training skiing manuals and to produce a supporting DVD set. XCZONE.TV financed the entire production from start to finish.

All coaches and instructors in North America were contacted through their associations or by direct communications soliciting their input. The draft of technical content was released to all stakeholders in 01 June 2004 with a deadline for review by 15 September 2004. The proposed content was posted publicly 15 September 2004 with a Request for Comments (RFC). A press release has been published to this effect to all clubs. The final manuals were frozen 01 April 2005. The first DVDs were released 01 Jan 06.

All of the content for the manuals has been posted publically for RFC since 14 June 2004. Registered instructors and coaches across North America have been contacted either directly or through their associations for feedback. All clubs were contacted globally. All comments or contributions to the Nordic Skiing Project were integrated into the final products.