The coaches tool-kit includes the following products for download or to watch from the cloud:

Nordic Skiing Technique
Nordic Ski Training for High Performance Sport
Learn to Nordic Ski
Sports for Life - Long Term Athlete Development in HD
Advanced Nordic Skiing in HD
Unlimited Nordic Skiing
Original Cross-Country Skiing Technique Fundamentals DVD
and lots of extra exclusive footage from major races and film productions !!!

coaches toolkit
Video DOWNLOAD/Streaming $FREE
Placing an entire body of skiing knowledge in your pocket for the price of a ski lesson. Hours of video designed for the ipod, ipad, iphone or any computer !

We have taken our premier instructional products and compressed them down to fit on video iPod/iPhone*. Now, the iPhone/Camera combination fits into the palm of your hand - brilliantly convenient!

"The most innovative teaching aid on the market."

Instantly replay video of your students, right next to footage of Olympians doing the same technique, while listing to expert advice.

Frequently asked technology questions.
*Download the video and audio files from the cloud using a computer with an internet connection.
**iPod/iPad/iPhone or computer sold separately.
*** This product is meant for download or viewing from the cloud on your smart phone or computer.