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Starting with the trademark Natural Fitness Series, xczone integrates core fitness with the fresh air experience and a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Nordic ski walking is a great place to start. The video opens with an introductory lesson for beginners and progresses to more advanced nordic-SKI-walking and striding training for skiers. Xczone has been teaching nordic ski-walking for decades; demonstrating correct form and application of nordic ski walking in CDROM/DVDs since 1999. Nordic ski walking has formed the core of serious dry-land training for us since 1976, leading towards two Olympics in Biathlon. has an unmatched pedigree in mentoring beginner and experts alike - results speak for themselves. The curriculum has been certified by the national sports governing body for coaching certification.

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This title is available by video download/streaming or integrated with the Nordic Skiing Training Secrets for High Performance Sport.

This title is also available as part of the Coaches Toolkit and Nordic Ski Training Secrets for High Performance Sport.

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