" it's excellent...I took 50 minutes off my time at the Boulder Mountain Tour...." - Gary Szolnoki

THE Original Cross Country Skiing Technique Fundamentals TM$FREE
Beginner to Intermediate,

The fundamentals of both classic and skating cross-country skiing are concisely packaged and delivered in 60min by World Cup athletes and coaches. Additional, generous ski tips are contributed by USSA/Cdn National and Factory Teams, pro-elite skiers, top coaches and instructors. It is a professional video production presenting crystal clear images, multiple angles, slow motion, 3D computer modeling, expert commentary and analysis. Hot links to Tao of Skiing reference on the DVD-ROM version. The format is based upon successful formula for master's camps that target the cross-country skiing aficionado. The DVD-ROM is packaged with Tao of Skiing.


"Realizing your potential will only be achieved if you believe in yourself." -Philippe Villeneuve, National Team

This title was first released 2001 and repackaged 2007. Re-released as download video only 2014.




""Never underestimate the power of positive thinking
in sport."
- Scott Loomis, National Team, Subaru Factory Team"

Executive Director: David McMahon, National Biathlon Champion.

Narration: Jim Bradford;

Contributers: Gudrun Pfleuger, World Loppet Champion.
Dan Mallett, National Team
Keith Nicol and Jan Vopalensky, CANSI
Marty Hall, US National Team Coach
Tom Silletta, Cdn National Team Coach

Skiers: Lise Meloche, 2x Olympian and World Cup Gold Medalist.
Beckie Scott, Olympic Gold Medalist
Philippe Villeneuve, Cdn National Team

US National Team: Eric Wilbrecht, Dave Chamberlain, Gordon Jewett, Trond Nystad, Nathan Schultz, Pete Vordenberg, Barb Jones

Contents: US and Canadian Olympic Skiers contributed to the production of this, the first DVD produced on cross-country skiing technique in the World. It sparked the revolution in critical thinking of cross-country technique starting at the fundamentals.

Whether you want to put the DVD in a player sit back and take it all in, or insert the DVD-ROM into a computer an study the fundamentals interactively with an easy to navigate multimedia resource, this product was the one that established innovation in sport.

We have now taken it even further with products like the Nordic Skiing Technique.
  • Run time: 60 minutes, of high-quality full resolution digital video, playable on a DVD set or computer (PC/MAC)
  • Expert advice professionally narrated
  • Olympic Skiers Choreograph demonstrations for you.
  • Hundreds of photos and Diagrams.
  • 300 pages with detailed Written Explainations
  • Pdf Printable manuals.
  • Coaching Aids